Me, like so many others

I wanted to call this note ‘Growing up’, but I think I’ve already done that. Yet, I’m falling short of being the wife/Home maker I need to be. I appear to have missed the lesson on how to manage everything while appearing calm and most importantly, Smiling!!

I used to be a Programme Manager for an Aerospace company, and yet even those people management and organisational skills are feeling impossible to apply in my chaos.

Today I sit on my sofa (even though I have a perfectly descent office) reflecting and questioning. I have read some wonderful blogs, and I see there photographs of their wonderful homes, perfectly baked goods, labelled laundry rooms (I don’t even have a laundry room) and I think: why doesn’t mine look like that? How do they get it all done? what is the secret? 

A cynical part of me, says to myself “..It can all look good for a few moments for the photograph.” or “I can make 1 corner of my home look perfect for a photo!!“. But then I go to people’s houses and they are spotless, they have labels even on their cookie jar and they don’t have muddy dog prints on their kitchen floor from where the dogs have just traipsed in!! But then I remember, when I have visitors my house is tidy, clean, I bake, I receive lovely compliments… But I can’t maintain it!! I confess!

I am today embarking on my journey of discovery, it’s going to take a while but I will find away to sustainably manage my home, family, business, and I will share all this with you. Even my current worry that we want a baby and yet I don’t know how I am going to cope and fit them in my schedule!!

Come back soon, and remember Live Life YourDesign-YourWay, xx


I’m back and this time I’m staying

On January 3rd, I wrote a post outlining how I was going to keep a neat blog, with clear objectives, word count restrictions so I remained concise and that this year I was going to share with you the wonders of my little world. Well…. It’s April 17th, this is my second post of the year and so I think we can honestly say I have failed!!

So if at first you don’t succeed, have a cup of tea and try again!!

I realise (after too much reflection) that I was trying to hard, life is busy [see below for the low-down of what’s being going on in the Sharpe household below], time is short, none of us are perfect but we are pretty amazing and sometimes you just have to lower your standards.

I am writing this blog initially for me, I am writing it so I can learn from what I do. My blog is my journey of reflection and learning. If I am very lucky (and I’m sure I will be) you can learn too — learning from other peoples mistakes are the best learning after all.

So starting today, give yourself a break, think how far you have come — I know its further than you think, and be prepared to try again.

This is how far I have come:

  • I have had 2 stroke episodes, that have now been diagnosed as Functional Neurological Disorder. In January 2014, I left a very promising career in Programme Management and started my new life.
  • I have had mixed responses to my change in lifestyle, most thought I had lost my mind leaving such a career with the financial benefits, kudos, and success, for what some would consider Nothing. But I like my little life!!
  • I run a small soft furnishing company, and have had the fortune of meeting some amazing people, learning some valuable life skills as I try to be a Homestead wife.
  • I bake bread, I cook from scratch, I make do and mend, and best of all I have time!! I have never had time.

As a child I had a mad schedule, classes, clubs, church and school. As a teenager, I had clubs, school, friends and a job.  By the time I got through university, and secured a placement on a prestigious Graduate programme, I cut my schedule – I just had work, this was a needs must with international jobs, 14 hour days 6 days a week that grew to 7 and high expectations there wasn’t room for anything else [consequently, I don’t know how I got Married!!].
Today, I don’t get up at 0530, unless I want to. Usually I’m, up at 0700, though a lie in by most peoples standards it works for me [see future posts about my schedule].

So today, give yourself a break, you are doing great, long as everyone is fed, clean, clothed and warm, that to do list can wait — enjoy your time. Tomorrow we can work on our lists.

Rebecca xx